WordPress Speed Optimization

Our WordPress Speed Optimization benefit not just makes your site quick, it makes it one of the speediest sites out there. Site speed has coordinate effect on your income. Google has shown speed to be a positioning variable.

Choose a good host

Start with a solid framework/theme

Use an effective caching plugin

Optimize images

Optimize your homepage to load quickly

Optimize your WordPress database

Use an effective caching plugin

Add LazyLoad to your images

WordPress Performance Optimisation

Our Experts at biggool can help by evacuating the links and speeding your site with wordpress speed optimisation service. You will be astounded at how quickly it loads and bu your expanded positioning with google and other web indexes. Our costs are exceptionally focused with those of different organizations, and our service is second to none.

Code & Database Profiling

After some time your database will get some deadweight, this is essentially unavoidable. There are two noteworthy parts to this condition: unused information and database-level overhead. We’ll optimise your site’s MySQL database via your phpMyAdmin panel.

Server Tweak Optimisation

Depending upon your host, first we’ll access your .htaccess file and activate the Header set Connection keep-alive directive. This ensures you have a constant connection.

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